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Known Shippable, Will Not Fixebook

Casey thought this would only be a part time gig until he got his degree, until hopefully, he got recruited and devoured by a big giant soulless mega corporation with a 401k and medical plan. This job, it doesn’t have a 401k or medical plan, just a minimum wage paycheck.  He did not hate his job.  He did not complain about it when he got home from the hour and a half commute out of Novato to his little home in Santa Rosa.  Working in Quality Assurance isn’t grueling work; it can be fun at times.  Sitting down after opening another soda, he sees the note smack dab in the middle of his monitor that simply says, “See Babb Now.”  This can’t be happening. It’s impossible.  “Casey, what if I told you that you were getting a promotion, a solid chance at invaluable work experience.  You’re being reassigned to Hangar 77.”  Hangar 77, a new job. What exactly will he be doing when he reports to work tomorrow?  All these questions will get an answer in the new science fiction adventure novel from Roy W. Russell.  Casey will discover the true meaning of, “Known Shippable, Will Not Fix”.

“Known Shippable, Will Not Fix”, an exploration of life as a lowly expendable QA grunt trying to save the world one day at a time.


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Kindle Edition for $4.51

Feast: A Gitksan Storyfeast-store-cover-and-kindle-cover

The Gitksan people have practiced holding feasts for countless generations, for hundreds of years, even during the era of assimilation when laws were enacted to stop this tradition, this system has endured.  Not all feasts are the same, and what is described in this story may differ from what would happen in other communities up and down the Skeena River.  Feasts are dynamic and adapt to each unique situation that may arise.  There is no instruction manual on how communities carry out feasts, but there are sacred laws that need to be observed as a sign of respect to the grieving family hosting their feast and to the honored guests who’ll be in attendance.  This is a story about feasts, of life, and of how the community of Gitsegukla deals with death.  This is a Gitksan Story.

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