I’m on Twitch now, yay?

It’s kind of weird that I’d go all this time playing video games (after getting home from making video games) and I never got around to this whole streaming on twitch or youtube thing. I think honestly I’m not that interesting or have much to say. I just like mindlessly playing stuff here and there to unwind. Why not stream stuff if I have the gear to do so.

You will find me over at Hangar 77 doing my thing.  I’m loathe to stick to a schedule.  It’s kind of impossible being consistent when I’m doing odd hours, stuck in the commute, hanging out with the wife, or writing my books.  At least twitch keeps an archive of my streams for a limited time.

Oh hey, I’m off to a running start with two whole followers.  That’s pretty cool.

So the big twitch thing is listing your hot gear of your pc(s) and consoles used.  So here we go, all links are with my amazon affiliate account:

Everything is housed inside this Fractal Define R6.  It’s an awesome case that combines great looks and functionality.  It’s completely customizable with room for nearly everything.  I love it, and so can you.

Crammed inside is an Intel i7 8700k cooled with a Noctua D15 using the Chromax kit and fans.  These are installed on an Asus Hero Z370 motherboard using 16gb of gskill RGB ram.  The rig is powered by an Asus 1080 Ti Strix OC edition.  Sound is provided by the Soundblaster AE-5 card which is worth it given it can provide sound clarity and enough power for great headphones with it’s built in amp.  The OS is installed on the Samsung NVME ssd, with games mostly installed to the Samsung 1tb ssd’s.

Everything is captured using the Elgato HD60 Pro.  Gaming content is fed from my secondary pc, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, or Nintendo Switch.  It’s a pretty decent card after configuring it in OBS Studio.

Currently I’m figuring out how to effectively use the Elgato Stream Deck.  Right now it’s completely unnecessary given I’m just doing let’s play stuff on twitch with a direct feed from the capture card.  No fancy titles, no graphics or animations, but there are times I found myself wishing for more 1-button touch functionality in OBS.

Just a sample of the nonsense I’ve streamed so far:


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