Known Shippable T-shirts

Official Cover Design – $14.99

Given away as contest prizes or to independent book stores, this served as free advertising.  Not the most original design, but here it is.






Vengeful Raincloud Stalks Bunny – $19.99

Inspired by a brief anecdote from the book, this became the icon & cover for Known Shippable.  Vengeful Raincloud Stalks Bunny is the most popular of the tie-in shirts made for my book.






Hangar 77 QA Department – $24.99

Official Hangar 77 QA Department T-shirt.  Originally given away to close devfriends and former coworkers at 2K Marin.  Features art from the front and back cover of Known Shippable.








The Splash – $24.99

Known Shippable started out as a dumb web comic I wrote about QA testing reality.  The art featured on the shirt is directly lifted from the comic (with steps to reproduce taken from the book).








Haircut – $24.99

Another t-shirt inspired by my web comic.  This bug also made it into the book.  Something about this shirt intensely bothers my wife, so I’m not allowed to wear it now, lol.